Thai traditional massage

120 min
15 000 т

Thai traditional massage

One of the oldest methods of massage. The form of passive yoga and stretching. Basic therapeutic techniques of this massage includes rhythmic pressing technique, soft stretching and twisting. It restores mobility in the joints of the limbs and spine, activates the major muscle groups and energy channels of the body, and promotes weight loss and rejuvenation.

Feel the flow of vitality and lightness throughout the body!

The famous Thai green balm is used during the Thai massage, created by master Pao.While still a teenager, Pao became interested in herbal medicine: he collected in the mountains and the jungle medicinal plants and gradually took knowledge from his father and the head healer of the tribe.Now these balms include about fifty different herbs and oils, and other natural active healing components. These ointments help with joint, muscle, bone pain, provided with tonic effects on the blood vessels, and relieve swelling. Inhaling helps with cold-related diseases.

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