150 min
18 000 т


Stimulating effective program that returns vitality and the mesotherapy effect for the face.

The program includes:

- visit to the Hammam or infrared sauna

- neck-collar area massage with the oil to enhance blood circulation, relieve the blocks and tension;

- refreshing and cleansing toner opens the pores, refreshes the skin, has a calming effect

- delicate scrub for the face due to the gentle consistency without irritating the skin, easily cleans pores, smoothes and polishes;

- toning face massage using a special cream stimulates the facial muscles, smooths wrinkles and slows the aging process;

- rejuvenating mask prevents the formation of wrinkles, tightens pores

- revitalizing serum nourishes and soothes the skin, activates the process of cell renewal of the face skin

- foot reflexology massage harmonizes the function of internal organs.

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