"Slim - massage"

60 min
15 000 т

"Slim - massage"

With using the “GOLD SHAPE” cream

The main component of the cream is Super Hi-Sol is a special pollen extract of Garcinia used in Thai traditional medicine for millennia.

Super Hi-Sol is a powerful burner of subcutaneous fat. In addition, the cream formula consist of other herbal ingredients – extracts of Ginkgo Biloba, capsicum and ginger, intensifying the effect. Intensive Slim massage combined with cream improves lymphatic drainage, helps to eliminate of toxins and waste products, the splitting of fatty deposits, and improves the contours of the body, eliminating effect of "orange peel".

During the intensive course of strengthening anti-cellulite effects recommended the following: different types of exercise, not to eat for 1 hour before and after the procedure, mandatory breakfast, lunch and light dinner.

Thai dishes prepared in our restaurant (can be ordered as takeaway food), will help you to be transformed with "taste" and pleasure!

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