Massage with hot herbal ball compresses

60 min
10 000 т

Massage with hot herbal ball compresses

The composition of herbal compress is a unique mixture of herbs, flowers, roots and fruits gathered in the woods at nighttime and at a certain phase of the Moon. The old recipes of miraculous mixtures passed on from one generation to another by word of mouth.

Later custodian monks kept secrets of recipes in the temples.

Some monks who had access to these remedies were known as healers - sorcerer.  

Hot compresses applied many centuries ago, and it is relevant today.

- It is recommended for warming upthe muscles, and it relieves pain in joints and muscles

- Tones the skin, cleanses pores

- Reduces allergic itch

- Inhalation of aromatic steam from hot compresses during the massage relieves cough, helps in the treatment of colds.

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