Spa salon in Almaty

Spa salon in Almaty

In the world of pleasure and comfort

Recently SPA’s in Almaty have been in the status of curiosities, something unattainable and unknown. Today it is a useful and enjoyable habit of those, who care about their health.

The term "SPA" is derived from the name of the famous Belgium resort, which in the sixteenth century began to enjoy unprecedented popularity. A little later (at the end of the last century) the word has acquired a different meaning.

Spa treatments

It is a real temptation, a real bliss, pleasure and the ocean of sensual pleasure. This is a special complex of various treatments in Almaty with application of sea salt and mineral water, all kinds of plants and algae, special procedures of mud therapy and hydrotherapy.

SPA treatments are used to restore harmony and peace, physical and spiritual purification.

It is also diet and fitness programs, peels, detox treatments, special body wraps and massages, aromatherapy treatments and extraordinaryrituals of purification. 

Apart from the classic relaxing massage, Spa salon invites you to enjoy and feel for yourself:

- massage;

- meditation;

- sauna (infrared saunas, steam bath, Hammam);

Pattaya Spa

Wonderful world, where everyone can plunge into the sensual atmosphere of peace and comfort.SPA is a wellness, strength and purification. This is something that anyone can afford, even without leaving your hometown.

Do you want to achieve bliss and enjoy all the beauty of oriental treatments? Do you dream to relax and forget the hustle of life? Spa – it is the best way to do it. They help to relax and calm down, tighten the body, cleanse the skin, improve health, strengthen the body, get rid of the imperfections of the figure and eliminate toxins.

To feel the positive energy, recharge and rejuvenate your body, improve health and strengthen health.

Yes! That all is Pattaya Spa in Almaty.