"One more thing” New Year's gift from Pattaya SPA

New Year is a special time, when every day brings some kind of unique and mysterious feeling. The air seemed filled with a magical fluid and every breath felt something amazingly fabulous. This is the time of fulfillment of desires and implementation of the most secret dreams.

Dear followers and visitors of the SPA salon - Pattaya SPA during the year we monitored Your posts about Our SPA salon – and we selected the author of the most unusual, beautiful and interesting post!

Bota (@_botam) and her marvelous video about Pattaya SPA!

And we would like on the New Year’s Eve 2016 to give her a nice gift from Us :)

Gift Certificate!

With our gift certificate, We wish Bota – to plunge into the world of bliss for the body and rest for the soul. In this truly homelike atmosphere is everything for a good rest and for experiencing unearthly feelings.

Welcome to Pattaya SPA!

Share with interesting video and photos on Instagram, add the hashtag #PattayaSPA / tag Our page @PattayaSpa.kz because You can be the winner of the best post!

Happy New Year 2016 friends!


Spa treatments
"Sabai Aroma"
180 min / 23 000 т
Detox-program «Renewal» Detox-program «Renewal»
150 min / 19 000 т
 «Detox Express» «Detox Express»
120 min / 17 000 т
«Recovery and enjoyment» «Recovery and enjoyment»
210 min / 28 000 т