Massage with hot herbal ball compresses
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East Romance: SPA-Valentine's Day
06.03.16, 20:06
Pattaya SPA centre

Up to Navoi street, Pattaya Spa
before reaching the dam, on the left side


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Unforgettable relaxation

Do you want to experience unknown feelings and to plunge into the wonderful world? Allow yourself resort holidays without leaving town.

Luxurious recreation center for body and soul «Pattaya Spa» invites all clients to enjoy treatments for beauty and health of the body. Thai massage, detox programs, different procedures for body correction, rejuvenation, spa rituals and aroma procedures. Massage from the best SPA specialists in Almaty will help to restore inner balance, relieve tension, improve blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, and improve the entire body. After the first session you will be able to feel inner harmony and improve the physical condition. In the comfortable surroundings - SPA salon was created in an elegant and refined style. Its relaxed and comfortable atmosphere calms and soothes. The atmosphere of our Spa in Almaty allows you to turn away from the vanity of the world and enjoy real holiday in the spirit of Thailand.

Everything for You

We are open to everyone and we offer:

- many wellness programs, which allow not only rest and relax, but also to improve your health;

- individual approach to each client, providing with standard treatments and special sessions on personal request;

- gift certificate that can be used at any time.

Health and harmony is the key to happy and comfortable life. Allow yourself the salon visiting and you will feel a surge of energy. Bliss and harmony, contentment and serenity, beauty and health — all these in "Pattaya SPA", a delightful and mysterious world of beauty, the atmosphere of Thailand in Almaty.